Bring your spark back now

Dr. Colleen Long is one of the nation's foremost experts in couples therapy and coaching. She sees many couples who are tired of paying just their co-pay and getting a run of the mill "clinic" experience. 

So many people struggle with the idea of paying out of pocket for therapy, but most people end up spending the same amount in co-pays over their lifetime trying to get it right, that they do paying for 3-5 coaching sessions with Dr. Colleen. 

If you had cancer, would you see your general practitioner? If you had heart disease - would you go to your family doctor or would you see a cardiologist?  You would go to the best of the best because you knew your life depended on it.  

Why not do the same for your relationship if it has a disease that feels terminal? Get the best help, and get on with your life.