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Your Fresh Start Begins Today…

Your Fresh Start Begins Today…


For WLS, VSG, & Those That struggle with Emotional Eating

For patients and surgery centers needing evaluations:

Dr. Long has performed 3500+ bariatric pre-operative psychological evaluations over the last 10 years. The evaluations are intended to serve as a help, not a hindrance towards the procedure.

Each evaluation starts with a 1 hour clinical interview, aimed to uniquely tailor a behavioral modification plan that will serve as a supplement to your procedure, and help give you the best chances of achieving optimal results throughout your life.

Psychological testing is performed to gather data about your personality that will be used to develop your individualized treatment plan. The testing is less about “detecting crazy,” and more about giving your healthcare team a unique clinical picture about how you will likely function in a medical context.

For instance, testing might tell us that you may feel uncomfortable talking about personal health issues until they get significantly worse. Testing might suggest that you would be best served by enlisting the help of a friend or trusted family member during your pre and post op appointments. Additionally, testing helps provide a statistical likelihood for your chances of success based on compliance and personality factors.

To schedule your appointment today, please inquire and mention that you are a candidate for spinal cord stim or gastric/bariatric surgery. Most insurance plans accepted.